Stage play finalist of the Writemovies Contest #31 Los Angeles

GRAND PRIX at the Festival de Cahors, France
YOUNG JURY PRIZE at the Festival de Cahors, France

Official selection of the Festival de Châtillon-sur-Chalaronne 2014, France
Official selection of the Festival de Cahors 2014, France
Official selection of the Festival International de Théâtre Mont-Laurier 2013, Quebec
Official selection of the Festival des Escholiers d'Annecy 2013, France 
Official selection of the Francophonies du Théâtre Amateur en Languedoc-Roussillon 2013, France
Official selection of the Festival de Marche-en-Famenne 2012, Belgium
Official selection of the Festival PATAF 2015, Annemasse, France
Official selection of the Festival Envies de Scènes 2015, Albertville, France

© 2013

An original play by Natacha Astuto
French language version © 2012 Le Dernier train

2M/2W – 75 minutes 

“Both jailed for life, Jack and Robert have been sharing the same cell for nearly twenty years. The cellmates existence has become a well-oiled but meaningless routine. Obstinately conscious that his life will end in that close cell, Robert cannot bear the situation anymore. Jack meanwhile seems to have accepted this life, but he has not lost hope that he will be released for good behavior. Marianne, their guard from the beginning of their incarceration, is the only woman in their exclusively masculine world. The three of them have built a kind of family relationship that none of them would have otherwise had. Days slowly flow, without great sense, but without trouble either. Until one day, a day with a fierce storm, a day when they receive a visit from a woman…”


The screenplay (feature) of The Last Train is a semi-finalist of the Stage 32 Happy Writers Annual Feature Contest, 2015.

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